It is TBC WORLD representative director Byeong Byeong who is aiming at a global financial company.

With the advent of the 4th Industrial Revolution Industry, the financial industry is developing faster with technology such as pin tec, block chain, Internet of things and artificial intelligence. With the advent of simple payment systems, it has become easier to make payments, and new technologies such as block chains have made possible safer and less costly transactions.

In this rapidly changing era, TBC WORLD will combine finance and ICT to move away from old banking practices and create new standards for banks. Above all, we will provide a safer and more secure IT infrastructure than existing banks, so that customers can enjoy innovative services with peace of mind. We will pursue continuous innovation for our customers in the future and become a bank that challenges the impossible with the pioneer's heart.

TBC WORLD is now the start. We look forward to seeing you grow as you grow closer to your customers and investors.

CEO 千秉准